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Meconaf B.V. is the specialist in clean air. We specialize in extracting and filtering substances and vapours that are released during industrial processes. In addition, we offer solutions for biomass combustion. This includes the automatic burning of different types of biomass such as wood chips, briquettes, pellets and elephant grass.


Affiliated with the Qex quality mark

Meconaf manufactures, builds and installs according to the Qex quality mark. The Qex quality mark stands for Quality Extraction Systems. The quality mark assures the purchaser of a dust extraction installation that the installation has been properly designed and that it has been correctly installed and put into operation. The installation verifiably meets the safety and legal requirements regarding the amount of dust in the workplace.

Kantoor Meconaf
vacature meewerkend voorman werkplaats

Meconaf is active in various industries, including:

    • Wood industry
    • Metal industry
    • Agricultural sector
    • Paint shops
    • Plastic processing
    • Pulp and paper indusry
    • Print business

Socially responsible

corporate social responsibility is increasingly important in our society. This is not only reflected in our way of doing business within our organization, but also in the products and solutions that we offer our customers.

Within our company, a lot is being done in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Some examples of this are:

  • LED lighting in our industrial hall
  • Biomass Heating for our offices
  • Company vehicles that meet current invironmental classes
  • Reuse of various waste products

We are happy to help.

You can contact us by using phone or e-mail: +31 (0)517 – 39 49 42 / info@meconaf.nl

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