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Discover the power of industrial extraction with Meconaf, your reliable Dutch and international partner. With more than 40 years of experience, we are the expert in the field of extraction systems. In other words, in the extraction and filtering of substances and vapors that are released during industrial processes. We also offer solutions for biomass combustion. This includes the automatic burning of various types of biomass such as wood chips, briquettes, pellets and elephant grass.

Our team of dedicated professionals work closely together to deliver high-quality extraction systems that meet the most strict standards. Whether it concerns an experienced employee, an intern or an apprentice, at Meconaf everyone immediately feels at home in our inspiring working environment.


Affiliated with the Qex quality mark

At Meconaf we pride ourselves on our innovative approach. Our own developed filter units and modular construction guarantee efficiency and reliability. Our products are fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations and bear the renowned Qex quality mark.

Meconaf manufactures, builds and installs according to the Qex quality mark. The Qex quality mark stands for Quality Extraction Systems. The quality mark assures the purchaser of a dust extraction installation that the installation has been properly designed and that it has been correctly installed and put into operation. The installation verifiably meets the safety and legal requirements regarding the amount of dust in the workplace. Discover how our advanced extraction technologies take your business to the next level.

Recognized training company

As a recognized training company, we offer students the opportunity to do an internship at our company. Periodically we have students visiting the program:

  • Technician engineering
  • Technician mechatronics systems
  • Sheet metal worker

We are also open to students who want to combine learning and working (apprenticeship). We do the training based on the principles of the Dutch SBB-agency.

Technology events

Meconaf is actively involved in inspiring young technicians. At Technology events we introduce young people to the exciting world of technology. We are proud to play a role in stimulating interest and passion for technical fields.

May we contribute to the start of your career?

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Meconaf is active in various industries, including:

    • Wood industry
    • Metal industry
    • Agricultural sector
    • Paint shops
    • Plastic processing
    • Pulp and paper industry
    • Print business

We always strive for optimal customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate our modular construction methods and our flexibility in providing custom solutions. With recent investments in advanced machinery and facilities, we are ready for the future. Our extensive factory hall and modern electrical department enable us to meet the growing demand. At Meconaf, we believe in teamwork and using our own expertise to exceed your expectations.

Socially responsible

Corporate social responsibility is not only reflected in our business activities within our organization, but also in the products and solutions we offer our customers. We are constantly working on sustainability, with waste recycling and energy efficiency being of paramount importance.

Some examples of what we have done ourselves are:

  • LED lighting in industrial hall
  • Biomass heating for offices
  • Company cars according to the current environmental classes
  • Reuse of various waste streams

40 years Meconaf

Meconaf has been a well-known company in the field of extraction in the Netherlands and far beyond, for more than 40 years. Started in Wjelsryp, a small village near Franeker, one of the fames Frisian Eleven Cities (because of The 200 km. skating tour of Tours). Meconaf is established since 1985 at the end of an industrial area, called Industrieterrein Oost.

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