Adequate extraction in the processing area prevents itching

Adequate extraction at the processing of hyacinths bulbs prevents employees from inhaling fine dust. It is also generally known that the bulbous skin (and the juice) of the hyacinth can lead to itching. That of course, does depend on the sensitivity of the person and the duration of exposure. But did you know that you can also reduce this with extraction?

De Wit & Sons in Lisse (The Netherlands) did. They are specialists in producing and supplying top quality hyacinths. And they are specialized in the sales of daffodil and hyacinth bulbs.

Covering grading line

The new cyclone installation for dust and skin extraction, in combination with the new grading line, ensures that De Wit & Sons can deliver a high quality end product. Besides the extraction of the hyacinth dust, the removal of loose skins is important for the quality of the product.

During the production process fine dust is also created in the processing area due to the tilting of boxes. But also during the transition from belt to belt and the movement of the product on the grading machine. By covering the entire flower bulb grading line, with a so-called dust tent and connecting it to the extraction system, we prevent the spread of dust and reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

In combination with the suction hoods, which are installed at the end of the conveyor belts and the beginning of the grading machine, a clean working environment and first-class end product is achieved.

Solution against itching

Are you also active in the agricultural sector? You can request information about a cyclone installation without any obligation. So feel free to contact us!

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