Dust extraction to get a clean and healthy working environment.

Dust is released during the processing of potatoes and other tuberous plants. This dust polutes your product, machines and workshop. The dust must therefore be extracted from the process for optimal results.

The dust also results in poorer air quality in the workshop. The dust that is released partly consists of quartz dust (between 10 and 30 percent depending on the soil type) and this substance is carcinogenic. Therefore it is important to extract all the quartz dust from the air to ensure the health of your employees. This can be accomplished by using a good extraction and filter installation.

By making compartments using foil and then vacuuming these compartments, a dirty and a clean side is created. The machines run in the dirty compartment and your employees work on the clean side. With this technique a dust reduction of up to 90% can be achieved.

When it is not possible to compartmentalize, it is important to provide the most polluting machines with a good extraction hood.

A lot of dust is also released in the reading room. By using overpressure in which more air is brought into the room than extracted. This ensures that dust no longer enters the reading room. In addition to this, the reading table is sucked on a vacuum this removes all the dust that is released during reading. This ensures a dust-free reading room.

stofafzuiging aardappelen waarbij we de machines isoleren
dust extraction wind shifting system on location
stofafzuiging aardappelen waarbij we de machines isoleren

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