Cyclofilter installed in Norway

Not one cyclofilter, but even two cyclofilters recently have been installed in Norway. After an on-site acquaintance and online follow-up conversations, the construction period started in Franeker and all parts were transported to the Norwegian client by road transport.

Then, a number of Meconaf technicians traveled to a completely new processing hall to install the cyclone filters and complete duct system. After the installation period and a successful Site Acceptance Test (SAT), the extraction system, in the new and ultramodern packaging factory for onions, was put into operation. This is a special and, of course, a beautiful moment for all parties involved.

Cyclofilters onion processing company

The complete extraction installation has been installed at an onion processing company in Norway. In this company onions are cleaned and packed for the consumer. A lot of dust is released during this processing. Furthermore, an onion loses some of its skins during processing. It is important to extract a large part of the dust above the machines with a good extraction system. This ensures a clean working environment for the people who are present in the processing area. Removing the dust and skins is important to achieve a high-quality end product, but also very important for the proper functioning of the optical grading purchased by this customer, which works with highly advanced electronics.


The installations are connected to the correct places on the line by means of a duct system. The extracted air is cleaned of dust and skins in the Meconaf cyclofilter. The air is cleaned for 99.9% and can be returned to the processing area. This saves the client a lot of energy. All in all, a wonderful result for a highly modern company.

Vi takker den sullen klient for tilliten til Meconaf, meaning; we thank the Norwegian client for their confidence in Meconaf.

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Cyclofilter Norway


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