Cyclone filter dust extraction organic farm Nagele

A cyclone filter for dust extraction has been installed at the organic farm Poppe Agriculture in Nagele (The Netherlands).

The organic company cultivates carrots, onions, potatoes, chicory roots products for various customers.

Potato processing

For the processing of organic seed potatoes, the brothers Joos and Marien Poppe pursue to supply high-quality seed to the Dutch trading house Agrico Bioselect and organic growers.

Union processing

Poppe Agriculture also grades and packs onions that find their way to the end consumers via supermarkets. It is important for the owners to deliver a clean product.

Dust extraction

It is generally known that a lot of dust is released when grading seed potatoes and onions. Dust extraction is not only necessary to clean the product, but above all to keep the air in the area healthy for the employees. A cyclone filter is the solution for this. This filters the dust from the air and returns the clean air back into the processing area.

Cyclone filter dust extraction

Poppe Agriculture has chosen for a Meconaf cyclone filter for outdoor installation for both dust and skin extraction.

Inside, Zeilmakerij Brouwers has placed a transparent curtain between the working area and the dust-producing machines. By separating the installation we create two zones so that all employees are working in a clean area.

Need a solution for your processing company

Active in the agricultural sector? Or processor of potatoes or onions? Feel free to ask for more information about, for example, a cyclone filter for extraction.

cyclone filter dust extraction organic farm Nagele


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