Cyclone installation for new flower bulb pre-grading line

At R&M Obdam Tulips B.V. in Hem we have recently installed an extraction system. This concerns a cyclone installation specially adapted to the new pre-grading line.

Dust is released when the tulip harvest is pre-sorted. In addition, the removal of loose skins is important for the drying process. When the boxes are tilted, the transitions from belt to belt and the movement of the product over the roller grader, a lot of dust is released. This spreads into the processing area and is a very unhealthy for employees and can also damage the processing machines.

Dust tent on to pre-grading line

To prevent this, we often recommend covering the entire pre-grading line with a so-called dust tent (in this project on of 9 by 2 meters), and connecting it to the extraction system. This prevents the spread of dust in the working area.

In combination with the dust tent, two suction hoods are installed at the end of the outlet belts where the skin extraction takes place. This gives the client a clean end product. The cyclone installation used as this project is the type MEC40 11 KW.

Visibly clean

Not only the flower bulb company now has visible cleaner flower bulbs, but also a cleaner working environment. We wish the Obdam brothers in Hem (The Netherlands) every success with the processing of the flower bulbs and thank them for the trust they have placed in us.

Solution for the flower bulb sector

Interest in a extraction installation which fits your needs? Please feel free to contact us!

This project is realized in collaboration with Boltt Machinary (supply line) and Allround VP (roller grader).


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