Dust extraction in combination with wind shifting for a potato grower

In the autumn of 2020, Meconaf installed an dust extraction installation in combination with a wind shifting system at Maatschap Bouthoorn-Iwema in Middenmeer (The Netherlands), a large potato grower.

The potato grower decided to renew the processing line and to implement it with a state-of-the-art optical sorting machine. It was also necessary to achieve a low dust level in the processing area. Together with the customer, Wevano Machinery and Inovaa, our sales and engineering team critically studied the sorting line and developed an extraction system tailor-made for this processing line.

Wind shifting system

In addition to the twelve carefully selected dust extraction points, the installation is also equipped with a so-called wind shifting system to separate the last potato stamps and dust from the product flow. The filter installation that we use here for this solution, filters the air so clean that it can be returned into the processing area. This means that hardly any heat is lost. This saves our customer a lot of energy!

Compressed air cleaning extraction system

In addition, automatic compressed air cleaning ensures that the built-in filter cartridges remain clean. Due to the use of compressed air cleaning, the filters have a very long service life.

Extraction installation and wind shifting system

Meconaf not only has a wide range of solutions for extracting the dust that is released during the processing of potatoes, but also for the skins when grading onions. We are happy to help you make the right choice for an optimal result when it comes to a system for extraction and/or wind shifting.

Solutions for the agricultural sector

Are you also active in the agricultural sector? Please feel free to contact us and ask about our custom made solutions for skin and dust extraction.

This project is realized in collaboration with Wevano Machinery and Inovaa.

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