Extraction system potato and onion processor

Meconaf recently installed an extraction system at a large potato and onion processor and packaging company in Belgium. The installation includes two cyclone installations, a wind shifting installation, diverter valves, booster fan and many meters of duct system.

Windshifting installation

In the first place, a wind shifting installation has been installed at the beginning of the processing line, when the potatoes or onions are supplied. Wind shifting is a combination of blowing and extracting in one. This enables us to immediately separate large quantities of skin and dust from the product flow.

Diverter valves extraction system

Furthermore, by switching with valves, the installation can provide both the potato processing and the onion processing with extraction. Purely because it concerns two different processing lines. The main tube inside splits into separate suction lines. Depending on the product (potato or onion), the correct suction line is opened by means of the diverter valve.

Due to the required capacity, two cyclones were chosen for this project. One for the packaging area and wind shifting and one for the two processing lines.

Booster fan

A booster fan has also been installed in the piping to bridge the large distance between the packaging area and the cyclone installation. To give you a better view, the pipework here is approximately 80 meters. The booster fan is placed as a kind of aid, to ensure that the air speed remains high enough to take all the dust and skins with it. In short, Meconaf has installed a versatile extraction system at the potato and onion processor.

Questions about this extraction system or looking for a solution?

Meconaf is the specialist in clean air. We have a wide range of solutions for extracting the dust that is released during the processing of potatoes and onions. But of course also for extraction of dust and skins from other bulbous plants and root vegetables.

Extraction installation potato and onion processor

Are you also active in the agricultural sector? We are happy to help you make the right choice for an optimal result. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask about our customized solutions.





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