Extraction systems for onion sets Andijk

At the end of last year we gained the confidence to supply two extraction systems to Broer BV in Andijk, specialized in the cultivation and processing of onion sets.

An enormous amount of dust is released during the processing of onion sets. To create a workable situation and healthy working environment, it is necessary to extract the production of dust. Many skins also come off during the process. Skin extraction is therefore also desirable with this product.

Two extraction systems for onion sets

From the start, at the cleaning of the product to the packaging of the onion sets, the machines are equipped with suction hoods for skin extraction in several places and on to the two production lines. Because of the required capacity, two filter units were needed.

The two units are equipped with fans with a capacity of 30 kW each. These so-called cyclone filters, filter the extracted air practically clean (99.9%), so that it can be returned into the area where it was extracted. This means that any required heat is not lost and the onion set processing company saves a lot of energy with this system. Not entirely unimportant in this time of rising energy costs.

Processor of onion sets?

Do you process onion sets or other agricultural products which needs extraction? And are you also thinking about how you can save energy and offer your employees a healthier and less dust-free workspace? Please feel free to call our advisor Bas Ruijgrok (+31 6 821 261 51). He can tell you all about it.

extraction systems for onion sets



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