Extraction with three cyclone filters placed in America

In times of corona, Meconaf has ‘placed’ a complete extraction system with three cyclone filters on to an onion sorting installation at a client in America.

Partner John Rietveld of Rietveld Equipment created an opportunity to install the extraction system on a new grading and packing line during the pandemic, completely according to plan. Rietveld’s unique solution did not go unnoticed in America. Potato Grower Magazine devoted a complete article to it.

The solution

When COVID-19 makes ‘business as usual’ impossible, Rietveld’s first concerns was the health of his installation team. Traveling safely to customers, working and staying on location was solved by purchasing a large motorhome. In that way he created a bubble for his own people. Fortunately for Meconaf, the Rietveld installers were already trained and certified in Europe before the outbreak of COVID-19.

Extraction and filter cyclones modular build

All parts for the extraction system are manufactured at Meconaf in Franeker. They were shipped to America in three full containers. Then transported overland to the customer in Washington State, after which the installation was built on site.

Thanks to John Rietveld and his installation team, a Meconaf extraction system is now running in America. The three cyclones, with filters cleaned with compressed air, ensure the extraction of dust and skins on the onion processing line. With that, Meconaf has created a safe and healthy working area for an onion processing company in the USA.

“On the road again to Washington to install a Meconaf dust extraction system”.


We are not only Rietveld extremely grateful for the flexibility around the implementation, but also very pleased with the publicity in America. Because how nice it is that Meconaf is also mentioned in this article. Delivering an extraction installation overseas is one thing, but getting publicity through your foreign partner, is of course a great boost.

Extraction system with cyclone filters

Processor of onions or unwashed potatoes? Interested in our energy-saving extraction systems? Please feel free to contact us and ask for our custom solutions for skin and dust extraction.


Afzuiging bij uienverwerker in Amerika

This project is realized in collaboration with Rietveld Equipment Sales and Installation and Allround VP processing line.

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