Filter installation potato processor Oudesluis

In the autumn of 2021, our assembly team placed a filter installation at Akkerbouwbedrijf Pluister Wonder, potato processor in Oudesluis (Netherlands).

Obviously, a whole process takes place prior to the realization phase. Starting with an inventory of the customer’s wishes. That is why a critical examination was first carried out on site where exactly the dust-producing places are in the potato grading line. Before we start the design phase, the most important questions has to be answered. Some of these questions are:

1. How can you prevent dust from spreading in the processing area?

During assembly, we cover the dust-producing areas with so-called dust tent. This, in combination with the extraction on top of these dust tents, prevents the dust from spreading in the area. The dust is then extracted from the dust tent towards the filter unit.

2. How can you save energy with a filter unit?

The unit filters the air practically clean (99.9%). The system returns the clean air to the same area from which it was extracted. This means that any required heat is not lost and the customer saves a lot of energy with this system. Not unimportant in this time of rising energy costs.

Do you also need a suitable filter installation as a potato processor?

Do you also want to save energy and work in a healthier area? Please feel free to call our advisor, Bas Ruijgrok. He can tell you all about it. Or make an appointment directly.


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