One solution for extracting your woodworking and disposing or reusing your waste

When you extract woodworking machine you are left with a waste product. We can reduce this waste of useful material by briquetting it. By making briquettes, your sawdust is converted into fuel. Depending on the type of material, this can be reused to heat your own business premises or to heat things in your production process. Another way of reducing waste products is by using our shredders. Briquetting your shredded material also creates a perfect fuel. The briquettes are easy to store for the winter and will greatly reduce the waste flow.

Our solutions:

Meconaf helps you optimizing your business process

Meconaf specializes in the extraction of your machines. The proper functioning of your extraction system is of great importance within your organization. This not only applies to the continuity of your production process, but also to the working conditions of your employees. Due to the introduction of the ATEX-114, NEN-12779 and health and safety legislation, much has changed in the development of wood dust extraction installations in recent years.

Meconaf has developed a completely new line of filter units that comply with current laws and regulations. In addition to our standard filters, an exhaust system can be built by using a further developed module construction, which is seamlessly tailored to your needs.

The filter installations are delivered according to the QEX quality mark, so that you as a customer are guaranteed of a good and safe extraction system.

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